Valentine's Day

So happy to share with you my Valentine's day collection.  These floral cupcakes make a sweet change from floral gifts and are the perfect treat for a loved one.

I'll be offering collections on either Saturday 13th February in the afternoon (between 4pm and 5pm) or Sunday 14th February in the morning (between 9am and 10am) and will have limited spaces both days.

Valentine's Cupcake Bouquets

A selection of vanilla flower cupcakes presented in the shape of a bouquet and wrapped in cellophane.  

7 cupcakes CHF 47

12 cupcakes CHF 81
19 cupcakes CHF 128
24 cupcakes CHF 162
30 cupcakes CHF 200

Boxed Valentine's Cupcakes

Beautiful Valentines themed floral cupcakes packaged in a box.


Box of 4 CHF24​

Box of 6 CHF 36
Box of 12 CHF 72

The English Bakery

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